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Halloween has always held a special place in my heart. I think this is in part because I grew up in a house that was not openly pro-Halloween. Let me explain.

My mom was the rational and conscientious keeper of the checkbook in our house. Regardless of the financial magic she was able to work on occasion, more often than not, the checkbook was simply not overflowing. That meant that things like Halloween costumes, decorations and haunted house tickets were pretty far down on the list. We also lived in a bible belt town and well, that just made the idea of spending money on Halloween even less likely. It’s no surprise then, that this culminated in me loving the holiday even more.

My rebellious streak aside, even as a kid I recognized that Halloween was something special. At no other time of year were you not just allowed, but encouraged, to pretend. I’m not talking about the kind of ‘everyday pretend’ that is adult sanctioned and approved like playing games on the playground or tea party with your dolls. I’m talking about pretending BIG and without the limitations of the everyday. You could wear silly clothes, face paint, wigs, hats…. be something or someone you’d always wanted to be. It was an open invitation to use your imagination. The best part? You got to go out in public dressed in all your Halloween glory. As a kid, that is the epitome of magical.

Now grown and with my own kiddo, Halloween still makes me believe in magic. How could I deny its existence when I see it written all over the face of my little wonder when he gets to wear his costume for the first time or see the neighbor’s really cool, super awesome Halloween decorations? It’s small reminders such as this – little moments of everyday magic – that breathe life into me on the hard or weary days. I know you know those days, and let’s be honest, we all need an ounce or two of magic tucked away for when they visit.

As our way of sharing some everyday magic, we’ll be doing something special this Halloween season. Keep your eyes on our socials. I have a feeling something spooky awaits.

xoxo –

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