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Kombucha and I go way back. It’s been an important part of my personal life for a decade or so and for the better part of that time I’ve dreamt of making it something bigger. So much so that every year it would make my List of Things. You know the one, the list where you conjure up of all the things you’d do if money and responsibilities were not obstacles. Yes, that list. Kombucha was on that list every year for me and every year I would think, ‘Sometime…’.

When my son was born, though, that list started to become much more important to me than just a ‘sometime’. I thought constantly about how we tell our children, “You can do anything you want to do. You can be anyone you want to be!” It seemed so hypocritical to me that as a parent I would propagate that rhetoric without applying it to myself. How could I instill fearless independence, confidence and bravery in my little babe if I didn’t even have enough to believe in myself? It was a watershed moment for me that continues to light my path.

I opened Agape Brewing because for me, kombucha represents a connection to living food, our bodies and ultimately, those around us. Kombucha has a way of reminding me of our place in the beautiful cycle of life and of our amazing ability to adapt, grow anew and impart benefits on those around us. I hope that through our work we can share that passion with you.

Here’s to raising glasses of local ‘booch –



We're a small, woman owned and operated raw kombucha brewery in Kansas City. Everything we do is small batch and traditionally brewed.

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